Alexis Rochas

Alexis Rochas is the founder of I/O, a Los Angeles based practice focusing on the development of dynamic architectural methodologies integrating design, technology and advanced fabrication techniques. His recent work includes SYNTHe, an adaptable synthetic environment managing air pollution and storm water runoff; the sPARK network, a resource generation infrastructure for the City of New Orleans; and the AEROMADS project, which outlines an architectural system that combines air pressure and high-strength intelligent fabrics as a tectonic solution for the creation of minimal mass, self-sustaining structures. His work has been exhibited at Beyond Media (2009), Florence, Italy; SFWF (2008); MAK Applied Arts, Austria (2006); Wattis Institute (2006); A+D Museum NextGen (2006), Spot on Schools 2005, Florence, Italy; 2005 INDEX Awards, Copenhagen, Denmark; MAK Center for Art and Architecture(2005); TELIC(2005); Watts Towers Arts Center(2005); Sundown: Baroque Geode (2004); Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France (2002) in collaboration with Lebbeus Woods; and at the Bienal de Buenos Aires. His work has been published in a number of architectural journals including Monocle, I.D, Icon, 2G Dossier, Metropolis, Surface, Architectural Record, Domus and Frame magazine. A member of SCI-Arc's design faculty since 2003, Rochas has headed projects through the Community Design Program, including the FAB Arts Market Temporal Gallery, LINC Housing community grounds prototyping, SCI-Arc's Lecture Hall Acoustical Treatment, and the LAMP Community's Sun Shelter Pavilion. Since 2006 Rochas coordinates the Making and Meaning program, SCIARC'S foundation program in Architecture. He is the recipient of the 2004 City of Los Angeles Design Award, the 2002 New York Society of Architects M.W. Del Gaudio Award for Excellence in Total Design, and the 1996 Award for Excellence in Design from the Architecture department of the University of Buenos Aires.